The Language Centre offers traditional instructor-led training supplemented with e-learning components prepared in various electronic formats.

Our high-impact educational programmes sucessfully motivate university students giving them additional learning opportunities created by supplementary online language exercises, uploaded to Moodle and other platforms, and tools such as discussion forums, blogs or wikis, used for sharing ideas.

e-Learning components make learning more effective as they increase the volume and range of materials and activities that are incorporated into the course curriculum.

What is more, students also have the opportunity to engage in learning between timetabled classes. We are sure that our improved educational environment will satisfy the varied needs of our Polish and international students in the digital age.


LC’s open resources

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 Online materials supplementing face-to-face language courses

Technical English 2 – supplementary materials

Technical English 3 ­– supplementary materials

Technical English 4 ­– supplementary materials

Technical Subjects  ­– supplementary materials

Business English     – supplementary materials