English for Chemistry Technical Vocabulary Textbook for Students and PhD Students

Dorota Horowska

ISBN/ISSN: 978-83-7348-291-3

Publication date: 2010

Number of pages: 255

Keywords: science, atom, element, chemical reaction, laboratory equipment, environment, lipid, ester, carbohydrate, antibiotic, atmosphere, hydrosphere, water treatment, pollution, green chemistry, nanotechnology



English For Chemistry Technical Vocabulary Textbook for Students and PhD Students is prepared for exclusive use by students of chemistry at Gdańsk University of Technology. The aim of the book is to help the students enlarge, revise and consolidate their specialist vocabulary in the field of Chemistry, and improve their language skills through a variety of reading comprehension, vocabulary and communicative exercises and tasks.

The reading texts included in the book were borrowed from or based on several sources: specialist publications; msn.encarta.com/encyclopedia; Encyclopaedia Britannica; and dictionaries: of Chemistry, and Science.

The book was divided into two main parts. Chapters 1 through 9 are shorter and concentrate on basic terms used in general chemistry. Chapters 10 through 18 develop several topics of general chemistry, chemical technology, and environmental protection.

Each unit consists of four parts.

  • FIRST OF ALL contains short exercises referring to the students’ general knowledge of the subject to introduce the main topic of each unit.
  • READING offers one or more texts that present essential information concerning the topic as well as exercises checking the students’ comprehension skills and practising new words and phrases.
  • EXERCISES is an extension of the main topic. It provides further practice in key topic areas through a variety of vocabulary exercises and pair work tasks.
  • REMEMBER? provides a revision list of specialist and non-specialist words and terms that students will be familiar with at the end of each unit.

The textbook is intended for students at B2 and C1 levels.