English for Information Technology for Students of Technical Studies + CD

Kucharska-Raczunas Anna,  Maciejewska Jolanta

ISBN/ISSN: 978-83-7348-443-6

Publication date: 2012

Number of pages: 144

Keywords: information, technology 



English for Information Technology is a course book for professional English in the field of IT. The course book aims to provide students of technical faculties with challenging, professional material which extends their range of vocabulary, and can be used during English language courses at university (level B2 and higher). All the texts were prepared by staff of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics at Gdansk University of Technology. The texts cover a wide range of contemporary specialist issues. The language used is that of scientific papers, which will enable IT students to feel more confident when preparing mid-term projects and writing their theses. Moreover, “English for Information Technology” ensures that students will be able to function effectively in an English-speaking environment in their future work.

All the units contain phonetic exercises which allow students to practise their pronunciation of technical vocabulary. Listening comprehension is also developed through numerous recordings, requiring understanding of challenging content. This prepares students for studying abroad on various kinds of scholarships, as well as for using online lectures available from the Internet.