English for Mathematics

Kucharska-Raczunas Anna,  Maciejewska Jolanta

ISBN/ISSN: 978-83-7348-598-3

Edition: 2

Publication date: 2015

Number of pages: 160

Keywords: combinatorics, differential equations, basic mathematical symbols, linear algebra, mathematical analysis, analytic geometry, probability, long and short scales 



English for Mathematics is a course book for learning English. The idea was to create a teaching aid which would enable students of technical departments to become familiar with basic mathematical concepts in English. The main aim of 'English for Mathematics' is to be used during foreign language courses at university - it is not intended to be used for teaching math. However, it may be very helpful for students intending to take part in scholarships abroad. It can also be used by those interested in mathematical terminology in English.

'English for Mathematics' may be successfully used by teachers of English who were not trained in mathematics - it includes a teacher's book with answers to all exercises, instructions and additional ideas. Each chapter includes phonetic exercises which should be helpful as far as pronunciation is concerned. There are also exercises with recorded mathematical texts, which give additional practice in listening and correct pronunciation. The recordings (in MP3 format) can be downloaded free of charge.