Technical Writing in English Language and Editing Guidelines

Iwona Mokwa-Tarnowska

ISBN/ISSN: 83-7348-149-4

Publication date: 2006

Number of pages: 146

Keywords: learning and teaching English, technical writing in English, writing in English, English grammar



Technical Writing in English: Language and Editing Guidelines targets students whose level of English ranges from B1 to C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It analyses a variety of problems foreigners can face when writing a technical text in English. The rules and examples given here are meant to help to resolve many doubts about: how to follow various conventions of clear text arrangement; how to achieve stylistic unity by applying the principles of coherence and cohesion; how to impose constraints to the text layout according to the particular genre, i.e., how to produce a manual, a report, a research paper, a summary, an abstract, a memo, a covering letter, a curriculum vitae and a resume. The book also provides the reader with information on different conventions for documenting sources referred to in any technical or academic text. It strongly emphasises that it is against the law to copy or cite anything from a book, journal, magazine, newspaper, or any document, no matter in what form it is published, whether traditional or electronic, without giving full reference to the source in notes, in a bibliography or in a reference list, or without asking the copyright holder’s permission. The information, examples, exercises, as well as the glossary included in the book, enable writers to produce a readable, well-organised, clear, informative, dense, logical technical text that is specific and to the point.