Welcome to the Language Centre of Gdansk University of Technology. You can take a language course in one of the following languages: Polish, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, German, and Russian. We offer courses at language levels from A1 to C2. In order to check your level so that you can be placed in the correct language group, you will need to take the placement test as soon as possible at the Language Centre (Building B, room 307).


You can find out who the supervisor for your faculty is by clicking on the FACULTY SUPERVISORS.

You can find all necessary information about the Language Centre and the courses that we offer on this website.


If you need for more information on the courses, contact us for:


Polish              - Anita Mieszkowska anita.mieszkowska@pg.edu.pl

                        - Anna Soczyńska anna.soczynska@pg.edu.pl

English            - Urszula Kamińska urszula.kaminska@pg.edu.pl or your faculty supervisor

Spanish           - Ewa Jurkiewicz-Sękiewicz ewa.jurkiewicz@pg.edu.pl

French             - Jarosław Nieszczółkowski jaroslaw.nieszczolkowski@pg.edu.pl

Italian               - Anna Kucharska-Raczunas anna.kucharska-raczunas@pg.edu.pl or

                         - Małgorzata Fenc malgorzata.fenc@pg.edu.pl

Swedish           - Joanna Olszewska joanna.olszewska@pg.edu.pl

German            - Anna Soczyńska anna.soczynska@pg.edu.pl

Russian            - Zoja Giruć zoja.giruc@pg.edu.pl